• Clinical Supervision

  • Individual Counseling

  • Life Coaching

  • Professional Consultations

  • Mental Health Evaluations

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      Private Practice Guide

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Individual Counseling


(14 and up)


Sessions are for a duration of 50 minutes and take place on a secure Telehealth platform. Techniques used are based on need. Our Therapist uses a person centered and strengths based approach to treatment. We feel that it is important to meet the individual where they are in order to start your path to healing. 

Life Coaching


Coaching is usually needed when an individual is healed and wants an accountability partner to guide them towards reaching their goals. Coaching is not effective when an individual still has unresolved issues/trauma that have not been addressed. Coaching services are provided on Telehealth platform for residents in any location. Coaching specialties are career, finance, and relationship. Sessions are for a duration of 45 minutes and take place on a secure Telehealth platform. 

Professional Consultations

  • Professionals in Private Practice

  • Professionals seeking guidance on how to start a private practice

When deciding to start a private practice, many do not know where or how to begin. There are so many aspects to starting a private practice that include clinical and administrative work. Also, while running a practice, at times you may have a client in which you need to consult with a peer about treatment.

Consultations are up to an hour but can be longer if needed. Consultations can take place over the phone or video conference. 

Mental Health Evaluations

  • Adolescents 14 & up

  • Adults

Evaluations/Assessments may be required for court purposes, bariatric surgery, or other treatment needs.